Cloud Architect & Migration

We will use our expertise in multi-cloud to do an analysis of your on-prem workloads then identify the right cloud platform as well as migration strategy to help you achieve the most from the cloud. Based on our analysis we will you decide whether you will do a lift-and-shift of your on-prem workloads or if we will need to fully re-architect the workload to use cloud-native services. We will also help you with calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) for moving your workloads to the cloud.

Computing at Scale (Big Compute)

We do realise that your business might have large-scale workloads that require a lot of computing (multiple CPU cores, high memory etc) and we use our cloud expertise to split the workload and give you solutions that handle computing at scale. We harness the ability to spin-up a huge number of resources quickly to solve difficult computing problems quickly and with elasticity.

Serverless Computing

We can assist you in moving your qualifying cloud workloads into serverless workloads where by the responsibility of managing the infrastructure is fully a responsibility of the cloud provider and you will just be responsible for the execution of the workloads. We help you in getting the best architectures for your serverless computing.


We help your development and operations teams with creating predictable isolated environments through the use of container technologies. We use the latest and best container technology for assisting with your DevSecOps as well as cloud migrations. Our container technology will help you with creating solutions that built once and can run anywhere. With our container expertise we will also help you migrate your difficult to maintain monolithic services into highly decoupled and agile microservices.

Big Data Analytics

Data is a wonderful assert for any organisation gearing up for the fourth industrial revolution. We help you analyse the data that you have and turn into actionable information for the organisation. We have the knowledge of the right technology to use to gain insights from the data that your business receives and to be able to develop new products that are based on what the data tells you.

Machine Learning

We help your business to create systems that learn behaviors and do predictions based on the data that you own in order to respond to changing customer needs as they arise. We understand that the ability to make decisions and to make them fast is at the core of staying ahead of the competition in the 21st century. The machine learning model that we help you build will free you from doing tasks better done by computers and leave you time to concentrate on the tasks that will help you move your business forward


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