Our Team

Alpha Innovate was founded by technologists who have more than 30 years combined experience of delivering cutting edge solutions for business from different industries. Our team has the right people that have software development, architecture as well as test automation experience. We have delivered cloud solutions for the banking as well as media delivery companies.

Innovation At the Core:

We believe in building innovative solutions that help our clients stay competitive and ahead of the competition at any point. We believe that the reason why our clients look at using the system we develop is to stay ahead of the curve and be able to fend off the daily challenges they get from competing organisations.


The one constant in business is change. The needs of the customer in this day and age is always changing and evolving. We believe in building solutions that are architected for change growth and scale. Business and the way to do business is currently changing at the speed of light. Our solutions are always developed to meet those changes.


Our integrity is our business. We are dedicated to offering services at the correct cost to the client without overcharging or cheating the client. The quality of our work is always reflective of the price we charge and the time we take to do that work. We believe in transparency and making sure that the client is always aware of the work that we are doing.


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