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We provide services to help your business develop state of the art, cutting edge digital solutions utilising Cloud Computing, Containerization, Artificial Intelligence, DevSecOps & Big Data Analytics.

What do we do

Through our expertise and partnerships, we provide state of the art technology solutions.

Cloud Architecture

We will use our expertise in multi-cloud to do an analysis of your on-prem workloads…

Computing at Scale

We realise that your business might have large-scale workloads that require a lot of computing …

Serverless Computing

We can assist you in moving your qualifying cloud workloads into serverless workloads


We help your development and operations teams with creating predictable isolated environments …

Big Data Analytics

We help you analyse the data that you have and turn into actionable information for the organisation

Machine Learning

We help your business to create systems that learn behaviours and do predictions based on the data …

Big Compute

Big Compute

Alpha Innovate can help you set up computing at scale; we use our cloud expertise to understand your needs and split the workload to give you solutions that handle computing at scale.

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Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud

We're moving to the Cloud   What are these people talking about? How are they putting their data and infrastructure into a cloud - And, doesn't it float away? If this is a thought that has...

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